About Faith (that would be me)  

I work as a Senior Information Security and I.T. Risk Management Consultant (CyberSecurity geek by day) to pay the bills (not that I don’t love what I do, I have a great job, check out my LinkedIn profile for more details about my IT career), but my first love is the arts  — oil, acrylic, tile, pen and ink, photography, poet, writing coach / teacher, writing retreat organizer, avid gardener (gardening is definitely an art form), actor, vocalist, arts educator. My second love is living life as the adventure it has the potential to be.

My poetry has been widely published in journals and anthologies.   I am the author of four collections of poetry, and I am currently working on several new collections and a memoir.  A member of two national slam teams as well as a member of the US Slam Team that competed in Stockholm Sweden in 1997; the Executive Director of the 1997 National Slam Championships and 1997 CT Poetry Festival which brought over 300 national and international poets to Middletown CT for five days and is the largest singular poetry event in CT’s history. 

I have been featured from Stockholm to San Francisco, was a poet laureate nominee for the State of CT, and the recipient of the 2003 CT Commission on the Arts Advocate for the Arts Award. 

You can check out my 100 day blog published from the road while cycling 2500 miles over 98 days from Key West, Florida to St Stephen, Canada in the summer of 2005 at //




  • Art shopper
  • Matt and frame artwork (limited by size of artwork), coordinate with providers for larger pieces
  • Organize and/or hang artwork in residential or commercial properties
  • One-on-one writing coach including chapbook production
  • Book production layout
  • Book production coach
  • Events management – poetry programs, writing conferences, festivals



  • So you want to be in print
  • How to put a chapbook together
  • Priming the Pump (writing workshop)
  • How to start and maintain a writers’ support group
  • Freewriting / Random Writing (writing workshop)
  • Writing from Mythology (writing workshop)
  • Self-Publishing
  • Being a poet in these times
  • Presenting / Performing your poetry (performance workshop)
  • Doing what you love
  • Developing subject matter (writing workshop)
  • Pantoums and Limericks (writing workshop)
  • Finding your creative voice (writing workshop)
  • Revision (re-Vision)
  • Manuscript Prep. & Publishing
  • From Page to Stage (performance workshop)
  • Writing Prompts (writing workshop)
  • Poetry in the classroom
  • Creative Beginnings (writing workshop)
  • ** custom programming available for libraries, conferences, classrooms, etc.